Every dollar received by Chabad is returned to our community in the form of quality educational programming.

Chabad  of Glendale and the Foothill Communities is a financially autonomous organization completely responsible for funding its own programs.  It receives no financial assistance from the international offices of Chabad.  All financial resources needed to support Chabad Jewish activities in Glendale and the Foothill Communities come from within the local community.

Through the work of Chabad, we have successfully raised the level of Jewish awareness and pride throughout Glendale and the Foothill Communities.  We have reached, in a personal and meaningful way, many individuals, institutions, groups and families, and brought them closer to Yiddishkeit.

Often, individuals who wish to support our work have a specific area of concern they wish to address.  Some believe that working with children is the most effective road to stemming the flood of assimilation; others wish to support our holiday programs; and many wish to make a general donation in support of all our activities.

Please, make your choice as to how you would like to support our efforts.  The need is there.  Won't you please help?