Chabad  of Glendale and the Foothill Communities is dedicated to increasing the awareness, knowledge and observance of Judaism in Glendale and the Foothill Communities.

Its purpose is to reach out to all Jews, regardless of age, affiliation or level of observance, and bring them closer to Judaism.

In the Jewish Community today, there is a much greater awareness than ever before of the need for increased Jewish programming. This has occurred as a result of the growing hunger for Jewish knowledge and experience on the part of families and individuals, and coincides with a general move in the United States toward spiritualism.

This creates a tremendous need for programs that specifically respond to this situation.  We distinguish ourselves by offering quality programs which address these new needs on a much larger scale and much more effectively.  Chabad is a vibrant, all encompassing organization that meets all the needs of any Jew regardless of affiliation or background.  Chabad serves all segments of the community.  Chabad has developed particularly strong capabilities in helping any Jew make significant progress in their connection to Judaism.  Chabad is recognized as the place to come to get more meaningful Yiddishkeit.

Chabad is a one stop Jewish Resource center in Glendale with a warm, welcoming atmosphere open to any Jew at any time, a place to discover and nurture the Jewish soul within.

We accomplish this via:

1) The Chabad Jewish Center offering the Jewish Community a grand Sanctuary, comprehensive Judaic library, classrooms, and private space for counseling and tutoring.  We also offer the purchase of Jewish books such a Chumash, Siddur, talleisim, mezuzahs and other necessities of Jewish life.

2) Our Chabad team who coordinate and expand existing programs as well as to initiate new ones.  This team enables Chabad to more effectively further the Jewish education of a greater number of children, young adults and families.  Our Rabbi and Rebbetzin efficiently meet the needs of the greatest number of families in a most personalized manner.

We also create a high level of visibility and awareness for our programs and services by a consistent and carefully planned marketing strategy.

One of the main target markets for these programs and services are unaffiliated young Jewish couples.

We expect to maintain the current programs and services, and continue to add new programs and services, which include Jewish instruction for children and adults and instruction and workshops prior to all Jewish holidays.