THE UNDERPINNINGS OF OUR CURRICULUM: Why Our Focus is on Jewish Identity
Plato’s statement, “Education's first stages determine a person's future life,” means that we – parents and teachers – are affecting eternity. The education we provide our children today affects them forever. What an awesome responsibility we are carrying!

What constitutes a quality education? Surely, in this age of information, a good education is not only about building knowledge or honing skills (though that is surely important too.) The ever important goal is to build the child’s identity, the child’s sense of self. For it is with our fundamental sense of self that we approach every aspect of our lives.

For Jewish children, their sense of self is intrinsically bound to their Jewish identity. It stands to reason: If a child needs a positive self-image, a Jewish child needs a positive Judaic image.
That is why this is our primary objective in Hebrew School: To transmit the beauty of Judaism, helping the child to identify with his/her heritage, and enabling a truly positive ‘Jewish self’.

Goals of our program:

  • To foster positive feelings towards Judaism – a feeling of pride, familiarity and love for being Jewish, and a sense of belonging to the Jewish community, the Jewish people and Israel.

  • To build knowledge of mitzvot and Jewish traditions, Torah stories, and Jewish values, with hands-on experiences and discussions

  • To gain the skill of Hebrew reading

  • To encourage students to express their opinions and ask questions about the Torah in today's day and age, finding relevance to their lives.

We believe that lessons must incorporate hands-on activities (cooking, crafts, song), discussions, and texts. They must have practical relevance to the student’s lives, with provocations to inspire them to look beyond themselves.

We are 100% committed to creating an environment for our students and their families to flourish and to connect. We look forward to a wonderful year together, partnering with you to fashion our children’s Judaic experience.

We will be covering three important elements this year. Hebrew, Jewish Holidays and Jewish History.

We will be offering three levels:
1. Beginners: will go through the Hebrew Alphabet as well as basic Hebrew words using the Aleph Bet Bayit program
2. Intermediate: will begin reading with a wonderful program called Cap IT.
3. Advanced: Hebrew will be using the universally acclaimed Aleph-Champ.

Jewish History
Jewish Heroes is a journey through the highlights of Jewish history with discussions and applications that children in our modern-day-and-age can relate to. The most basic objective of this project is that children learn to know and love their heritage. They should be empowered to envision Moses splitting the Red Sea, Deborah the Prophetess ruling from under a date-palm, The Maccabi Knights, Queen Esther, The Baal Shem Tov, the Arizal and many more. They will be able to picture vividly the clouds in the Sinai desert, the hills of Jerusalem, The grand Houses of worship from the hills of Spain, and the Shtetls in Poland. In addition, we will use all these rich and beautiful stories as a springboard for discussions, games, learning about Mitzvahs, and connecting the past to our future in a very tangible and real fashion.

Art of Alef-Bet
“Alef-for-Avraham” – A scrapbook of mitzvot and Torah personalities, introduced in the order of the Alef-Bet

The Book of Genesis
“In the beginning, G‑d created the world” and filled it with people. But, oh, the journey was not so smooth. Meet the personalities of the 1st Book of the Torah, the Book of Genesis. Learn their stories and think about the choices we would make in their situation. We make a creative scrapbook to go along.

The Book of Exodus
I am a free American kid. Why should I care about the slavery and exodus? Once we explore the full story, I can find myself right in the text! How’d the Jews get to Egypt? What was life like for them? What was the pathway towards freedom, all has what to teach us in our lives today!

Torahpedia covers a spectrum of mitzvot, exposing the students to the multi-faceted and incredibly interesting practices that comprise our Jewish religion.

The Desert…Where we Learned to Become a Cohesive People
The 40 year journey in the desert, post exodus, has a lot to teach us about our lives as we explore the struggles and triumphs of our people as we struggled to attain an identity

Our Jewish Town
This fun course imagines that we are building a Jewish Town. We have a synagogue, a kosher restaurant, a Judaica shop, etc. We then explore the many mitzvot that surround these spaces.

Jewish Life Cycles
Mazal Tov! Each of our students “gives birth” to a set of twins and follows “their” children through the colorful and meaningful life cycle events

Big Ideas
We engage in in-depth explorations of big ideas that are of particular interests to the students. The topics are selected with the students’ input.

Walk of Fame
A selection of colorful Biblical personalities – some whom the students met before, and some new ones – each with a fabulous story and a powerful lesson

Ethics, based on Pirkei Avot
Viewed through the lens of the Talmudic sages, the contemporary American child meets his life today!