Advertising Opportunities

Special Calendar Packages:
• Purchase six months of any ad size for the price of five
• Purchase all twelve months of any ad size for the price of ten

Please choose an option (or multiple options) below. Click here to see sample calendar pages for a visual depiction of the descriptions below.

Business Card Size 2" x 3.5" - Prominently placed on top of the calendar page

Business Card


2 Business Cards

$324.00 (10% Discount)

3 Business Cards

$459.00 (15% Discount)

Page Size - Stand alone page for extra prominence

Quarter Page (5.25" x 3.75")


Half Page (5.25" x 7.5")


Whole Page (10.5" x 7.5")


Inline Size - Placed inline with the calendar boxes

1.5" x 3"


1.5" x 4.5"


1.5" x 6"


1.5" x 7.5"


1.5" x 9"


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Ideally, artwork should be sent in a high resolution digital format such as: PDF, TIF, JPG or any other commonly used digital format. If this is not possible, email us at the address above and we will assist you in getting your artwork print ready.
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